Bathroom Remodels Are Finished And Our New Kitchen Is Just About Complete

The last several days have been a whirlwind of activitiy around here. Our bathrooms are now done except for some vanity knobs and pulls that we are waiting to be shipped via Home new home away from home.
Our kitchen is now finished except for hooking the range up to the gas line and getting our lights installed.
The new pantry door showed up and has been instsalled. The first door was cut to the wrong size where they make them.
Yesterday the tile guy was here and installed our backsplash.
The day before yesterday we had a 16' POD unit dropped off in our driveway so that we could put some of our belongings in it thus allowing more and easier access to the painters, carpet people and flooring installers.
We hired a mover with his crew to bring everything from a couple of rooms upstairs. Veronica and I had previously been busy boxing up a lot of our belongings and had boxes piled everywhere. The moving crew was here yesterday and did a great job doing the hard muscle work of bringing everything downstairs and packing it all in the POD.
We had been busy for days boxing stuff and I had moved quite a bit into the garage.
So now neither car can be parked in the garage because it is full and we have to park in the driveway near to the street because of the POD being in the driveway.
A several days back we were dealing with what we thought would be a very minor event by the name of Michael. A once catagory 4 hurricane that was really nothing much around our immediate vacinity except for what must have been some pretty decent winds. I say must have been because we slept through whatever occurred during the night as Tropical Storm Michael passed by us to our West and Northwest.
I woke up early the next morning and went outside to put our garbage bin to the curb for our usual Friday pickup. As I was in the driveway pushing the bin to the curb I happened to look to my left.
Much to my dismay 2 large branches from our approximately 40' Bradford Pear tree had broke off near the main trunk of the tree and were laying on the front section of our roof.
With everything else that we have had and were in the process of going on, this was the very last thing that I needed to see.
I ended up calling a "tree surgeon" to come by and remove the tree so that I could see what damage had occurred. I immediately saw that none of the news windows had broke but without the tree being taken off of the roof, there was no way to check for other damage.
It took the tree guy several days before he got to us because there were many others with similar and worse storm damage issues.
The tree guy and his crew took the tree off of the roof and ended up having to cut down the remainder of the tree. He will will return to grind the stump down. So now we are out a beautiful tree and I have landscaping bricks piles in several locations and I still need to get someone out here to check on the roof for any other damage. I can see that a section of the gutter was bent a little bit and that a few shingles aren't laying flat but beyond that I will have to wait for a closer inspection.
During the time that the tree people were doing there thing, I had the tile guy putting up our new back splash, the moving crew going in and out packing up the POD unit along with the bathroom guy putting the finishing touches to our new bathrooms.
It was one of those days to say the least.
Next up will be our electrician to put up new fans in all of the rooms, new lighting and various other electrical related jobs. Then on the 29th of this month we have the painters coming to paint every inch of the interior and we have to make sure that our belongings are in the middle of each room and that we have wiped down baseboards, door frames etc.
The painting crew is projected to be here for 2 weeks.
A few weeks after they are done the carpet gets installed then then the flooring crew comes in to do their thing.
Somewhere in the mix we are also having a different tile crew come in and remove the current tile that is in our is an ugly green and replace it with a grayish colored tile.
We are hoping that everything will be done by the 1st of the year...including everything back inside the house and put away where it belongs.
Here are various photos of our kitchen, bathrooms, the boxing/moving experience and the fallen tree.

First the kitchen

Now the bathrooms..Master bathroom

Half bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

lighting fixtures used in half bathroom and upstairs bathroom

Boxes packed up and stacked everywhere

 Not done quite yet

Stuff in the garage


 Some rooms are slowly becoming empty

 And finally some progress has been made

Even the closets are empty except for 2

And now the final chapter...the fallen tree. This tree has seen some fairly nasty storms during its lifetime but it wasn't so lucky this time. The wind came from a different direction and must have caught it just right.

The tree has been completely removed
Further updates on the house remodel will be forthcoming in the near future

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