More Photos From Our Stay At The Gaylord Palms Resort

While we were staying at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee Florida, I had plenty of opportunities to try out and practice using our new camera. I tried some settings that I had never tried before, just to see how the photos would turn out. The more I use and get accustomed to this camera, the more I like it. The camera does have a few small quirks to it but they are easy to work around. I am really enjoying the extended zoom on this camera and the photos have exceptional detail.
With that said let the photo show continue:


In the huge atrium area they had a special pond
just for alligators and turtles. The had this island in the middle of the pond for the gators and turtles to sun themselves. When we first started taking photos, this island only had a few of them on it but when we returned a little later, this island was full that they seemed to be laying on top of each other with tails intertwined.
This guy has the grin of the Cheshire Cat

There are several gator photos that I really liked how they turned out and this is one of them

This is another one of my favorite gator photos

They had lots of various ponds and each had different types of fish...a majority of them had different types and colors of Koi

I found this balcony kind of interesting in its simplistic nature

This glass enclosed atrium was absolutely huge. I think that is would be really cool inside and sitting at one of the cafes at night during a lightning storm
One of the many dining areas in the huge atrium

More photos to follow

The Florida Adventure Continues

Here are some additional photos of our stay at the Gaylord Palms Resort:

They have various fountains at the resort but for some reason they did not come on this night. Would have made for a great photo had they all been running.

Here is a topiary vignette that was outside of one of the many restaurants that are in the huge atrium.

This ship was actually a restaurant and bar
Now what are the chances that Veronica would catch the identical exact fish that I caught.....
Well guess what...she did

Sand scooters

They had many various ponds and water features in the atrium area

Veronica outside a very expensive steak restaurant that was in the resort

Inside of this little shed was a small reptile exhibit with some snakes and baby alligators. More photos of the inside will be coming up

This was a window inside of the reptile house. I took one photo without flash and the next one with. Amazing how it looks so totally different from an artistic viewpoint

 Not only did Veronica catch the same fish as I did but she caught it twice. Man...what are the odds of that happening

Many more photos to follow
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