Almost Time For Our Next Adventure - This Time To Paris France

Well our bags are almost completely packed. Just a few small items left. We did really well on the luggage weight issues this time around. I packed a small piece of luggage into a bigger piece and still got everything I needed to into the luggage. By packing the smaller luggage into the bigger one I did lost about 11 pounds of usable weight due to the weight of the smaller piece but like I said I was still able to get everything I wanted in there. Plus we will save some money on the extra luggage charges by packing it inside the other one. I figure Veronica will probably have some items to bring home from Paris and that is when the smaller piece of luggage will get utilized. Even by doing things the way I did we still have a lot of luggage that is going with us...3 suitcases going there along with 2 heavy backpacks to go as carry my camera bag as a carry on also.We have got our house sitter all set up with lots of his favorite food items and plenty of snacks to keep him occupied. After we leave here we will be heading to my Dads place and staying Monday night there. We have some running around to do in that area before heading to our hotel which is closer to the airport. We take off from Norfolk International Airport at 0700 hours so it will be a really early start time on Tuesday. We will arrive in Paris around 0830 hours on Thursday morning. We have a ride all set up to meet us at the arrivals gate and taking us to the apartment we rented. Like other adventures in the past I will be journaling our daily activities along with my over abundance of photos that I plan on taking with my new camera. So until my next writing... Au revoir, mes amis.
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