ON Board And Ready To Sail

Star ship log: Today is Saturday, 9/27/2015.
After sleeping in late we walked to a little cafe that is across from our hotel to get a coffee. Since we had to check out of our hotel by noon we decided to go back to the hotel and go ahead and checkout. After checking out and with our luggage in hand we headed across the Piazalle Roma which is a big parking lot type of area that is the entrance to the city. All motor vehicles park at the Piazzale Roma.
The crowds were not as bad as we expected so we were able to roll the two heaviest pieces of luggage along with a carry on piece of luggage and a couple of backpacks to the people mover which is basically a raised tram system. This tram system runs from the Piazalle Roma area to the Marittima...cruise terminal for larger cruise ships. With the amount of luggage we had everything went pretty smoothly. We dropped off our luggage so that NCL security could check it before sending it up to our cabin. Before we knew it we were checked in on the Jade and walked around a bit before deciding to get something to eat. We made sure that  everything was done before 6pm which was our sail away time from Venice. There were plenty of other cruise ships that had docked at Marittima. I took some photos of our balcony cabin and then stayed out on our balcony while we watched our sail away together. I took some photos as we were leaving Venice also.
Below are some of the photos that I took throughout the course of the day:
Cabin 9668 on the NCL Jade

 A ship from the Aid Cruise Line..a German cruise line
Below is a ship from MSC an Italian cruise line
Below is a rather new Viking cruise ship. Viking is rather well known for its European river cruises. They just started doing ocean cruises. I believe Viking has 2 new ocean cruise ships

Below is a Holland America cruise liner
Below are a few photos of a big tugboat that help these big ships maneuver out of port

I do believe that I got busted taking this photo of a crew member on the tugboat
Below is the tugboat that assisted the Jade to get out of port

This is the tugboat Capt and I believe I heard him yelling "beam me up Scotty, She's too big for us to deal with""
Below is a luxury yacht that was dock in the exact same location as it was back in 2013 when we first visited Venice 
Photos of the new Viking Star

Below is the Royal Clipper of the Star Clipper cruise lie belonging to VacationsToGo. According to Wikipedia..Star Clipper is a four masted barquentine built as a cruise ship, and operated by Star Clippers Ltd of Sweden. She is the first clipper ship in this class since 1912. She is classed by Lloyds 100A1 A luxury vessel, she sails under the Maltese flag.

Some general photos of Venice as we leave the area

Talk about crowds...this was around the San Marco Square area

In the background you can see a covered bridge. This is the Bridge of Sighs

Below is a privately owned luxury cruise boat called the Chopi Chopi
This was one of UniWorlds long boats..The River Countess

The last lighthouse in the Venice lagoon and channel

We sail quietly into the night on our way to our first port of call...Dubrovnik, Croatia
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