The New Windows Are In And Looking Good

It was a long hot day today. With the installation of our new windows throughout the whole house, I had to turn the ac off. The crew that came in and installed the new wimndows, Window World, did a great job. There was about 5 people in the crew and by 3PM they were finished and I had the ac back on in a flash. I took a few photos of the crew removing the old windows and a few pics of the new ones.

Today Is Window Installation Day

This morning our new windows get installed. I had to take down all of the window coverings that we had up and take off all of the hardware. Everything that might be in the installers way had to be moved so that they would have plenty of space to work in. Unfortunately the A/C has to be turned off so it will be a rather warm day inside. Once they have installed each room I will go in and put everything in its proper place and put whatever window treatment that was up before the install back up. I even had to move my sweet pepper plants out of the way on the back deck. Here are some assorted photos of this least before the install:
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