I never thought that I would ever hear myself say this.....but I am so glad that I am having foot surgery tomorrow. Oh I say that with all of the male bravado that I can muster and I am sure that after it is done, I will be whining like a little girly girl....but....I really am glad that I get the surgery done tomorrow. For someone who is usually constantly on the move, as I am, this foot issue sure has put the brakes on my mobility. I have spent the last 2 weeks doing next to nothing. Even short jaunts to our local WalMart have proved to be troublesome. I got everything done around here that I could in the last week or so. Veronica starts her holiday retail hours, which are very long and I wanted to make it so she has little to do when she gets home. I even figured out a way to get the laundry basket up and down the stairs while I shimmy my way up and down on my backside. I have my crutches and a walker strategically located, along with a step stool that I use to hoist myself back up or down from a standing position. The step stool is mainly used when I want to get up and down the stairs. I used it 8 years ago when I had a broken leg and it worked pretty well. Thanksgiving dinner will be a picnic in bed and I have my trusty laptop and will have numerous DVDs to keep me occupied. We need to be at the hospital for my outpatient surgery by 6AM tomorrow morning. Surgery is at 7AM and it should be completed by 7:30. Then after however long it takes me to wake up, we will be back on our way home. I will be doing everything in my power to get healed up and back on my feet as soon as possible because we have some exciting things coming up in our future. More on that at a later date. See you on the "flip side".
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