Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as the last of the pecan pie slides down the gullet, our attentions turns to the hectic weeks preceding Christmas.
I agreed to help out Veronica at her place of employment by packing on some extra pillows and hopefully some fake weight and transform myself into that jolly old soul himself...Santa Claus. Hopefully there will be a camera around so that I can have Santa's photo taken.
Besides being the stand in for the real Santa Claus for 2 days, I will be helping out with other tasks for the store and those working at the store. I believe that there will be large urns of coffee to be fetched along with a large stack of pizza pies.
Any additional tasks will be done minus the cumbersome Santa suit.
Our day will start very early on Friday morning. I believe that we will have to be at the store around 4-4:30 in the morning.
By Sunday morning this stand in Santa's life should be getting back to normal.
Today I put up some outdoor lights on the railing of our outside stairs that lead from the ground floor up to our second floor landing. We bought some of those LED lights and the 2 sets we bought have 150 assorted colored lights on each strand.
This is the first time that we have ever put up outside lights. They don't look bad at all and I find them to be very bright compared to other lights that I have seen.
Tomorrow will be spent doing a little cooking and then sitting down for our feast....just Veronica and I along with some of those battery operated candles... to obtain just the right ambiance for our Thanksgiving meal.
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