All Is Well With Fingers Crossed

I went to my Oncologist for my 6 month visit and I had him check out my throat issues. He prodded and probed and found no swelling of my glands and lymph nodes. After explaining every detail of what has been going on with my throat and voice over the last 2 weeks, he felt that it was laryngitis but could not totally rule out a small bacterial cyst. He gave me a prescription for a 10 day treatment plan of Amoxicillin. He said the Amoxicillin should take care of the issue but if it doesn't, he will refer me to a Ears, Nose and Throat doctor for further test. He was very confident that whatever was going on, based on his examination, it has nothing to do with cancer. So I will take my medicine and hopefully within a couple of weeks, my throat will feel better. Now maybe I can get a good nights rest.

Visitor In Our Front Yard

Yesterday afternoon and into the early evening, we had a visitor hanging out in our front yard. I am not sure what was going on with this rabbit but she did not move from one spot for about 3 hours, then moved a foot closer to the driveway for an hour or so and when it got dark she disappeared. We figured that she was either getting ready to give birth or was injured.

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