Pretty Much Back To Normal

Except for one area that seems to be swollen and a little sore with scar tissue, my knee is pretty much back to normal.
I have been able to go for my 5 mile walks in the morning, when it has been warmer. I have been doing 20 miles on my recumbent bike in the garage when it has been cold out.
I am glad that I decided to get my knee scoped out when I did. Post surgery was a piece of cake except for the first couple of days.
I will slowly strengthen my knee up as time goes by and by the Summer I should be able to do my 8-9 miles of walking like I used to do. I will be glad when the warm weather arrives here.
I have been thinking about getting one of those large portable generators that I can run when/if we get another hurricane or a bad storm knocks out the electricity.
I need one that will produce enough electricity to run 2 refrigeratosr/freezers along with some lamps and fans. I have already started doing some research on these generators. Not sure which one nor how big of a one I will get yet. Still got some time to figure it out and make a decision before the hurricane season begins.
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