First Day Without A Box To Unpack

Today is our first day here without one box to unpack.
I took my last 2 loads of broken down boxes and huge piles of the movers wrapping paper to the recycle center.
I was going to start going for my walks again today but it is rather cool and drizzly out. I will start my walks again tomorrow.
My foot has been doing better. Actually I have been so busy that I really have not had much time to pay attention to it even if it was hurting. I guess I will have a better idea what shape it is in when I start my walking routine up. For the normal around the house living, it seems to be doing fine.
Veronica is just starting the hiring process for future employees at her new store.
Everyone seems very excited to have a new store here on the OBX.
They are conducting interviews at the local Ramada Inn, in Nags Head.
I heard that one politician in the area told Veronica that she could expect approximately 5000 people to show up for the open employment interviews that will be conducted over the next 3 days.
From what I have heard, unemployment for this area is extremely high...over 25%.
It is hard to believe that in about 45 days, Veronica and I will be heading out to Alaska on our cruise.
By the time that our vacation does arrive, we will surely be ready for a nice break.
We were invited to a grand opening of a local restaurant near where we live but unfortunately we could not go. I am sure that we will try the restaurant out in the future. It is less than a mile from where we live.
They also had a big parade, a car show and a Taste of The Beach Festival going on yesterday but Veronica and I could not go to that either because we had to get the rest of the unpacking done and finished. I am glad we did stay home and got everything done. I am sure that there will be other events that we can go to as time goes by.
Later on this week, we will go to take our drivers license test...they have you take a written test around here. Thank God there is no actual driving test given or else I could be in big trouble.
Of course even with the written test, I could be in trouble. Never was good with written tests. Might actually have to break down and study. Feels like I am going back to my High School days.
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