Knee Surgery Has Been Scheduled

I had a doctors appointment this morning to discuss the possibility of getting surgery done on my right knee in order to repair the torn meniscus in there.
After discussing the options, we both decided that it would be best to go ahead and schedule the surgery to have it repaired.
My surgery is scheduled for Friday the 10th at 9:30 in the AM. I have to be there by 8:30 to discuss options as far as being put under during the surgery. One option is a spinal block and the other is a general. I will be taking the general...gotta get my beauty sleep in you know.
The doctor will scope out my knee and take care of the meniscus issue and also do a once over and general cleanup of the knee area.
Of course all of this depends on what he finds once in there. I am not expecting any surprises and he should be able to get in and out within 1 1/2 hours. Then off I go to the recovery room to wake up from my happy dreams.
The doctor will give me a script for some pain meds, a new set of crutches and then send me on my merry way.
The doctor made it sound as if I would only be using the crutches for a couple of days and the sooner I put weight on the knee, the better off I will be but that is only after a couple of days of non weight bearing.
Hopefully the recovery time will be short and I can get back to my normal routine within a short period of time.
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