Veronica's Craft/Art Studio Remodel Is Completed

The remodel of Veronica's Craft/Art Studio has been completed. Here are photos of the finished project:

Last Of The Craft Studio Remodel Furniture Assembled

We finally returned home yesterday. After unloading the car of our luggage, we put everything away and started our usual after road trip 2 loads of laundry.
By mid-day we were ready to let let the real fun begin.
We started to unload the car of the 4 pieces of furniture that we purchased at IKEA. We unloaded each piece one at a time and rather than trying to drag the heavy boxes up 2 flights of stairs, we opened each box up in the garage and brought the furniture parts upstairs piece by piece.
Once again the second floor hallway became the furniture assembly control center as shown below.

Then there was one finished piece

Then there were 2 finished pieces

Then there were 3 finished pieces

Then there were 4 finished pieces

Then things got even better...FedEx showed up delivering another large pantry unit that we purchased that Veronica is going to use to store all of her paper in. After another hour or so there were 5  pieces of furniture finished. The only thing left was my aching back that was really "barking" at me by this time. 

Tomorrow we start the long process of moving items in, moving items out, weeding through everything, finding a place for all remaining items....basically putting Veronica's new Arts/Craft Studio back into working order. It might take a couple of days to get it finished but by the time it is done, it should look great. I will take more photos as soon as the job is completed.

Last Of The IKEA Visits For Awhile

Currently Veronica and I are in Charlotte, NC. Veronica had to be here for business and I decided to tag along.
While we're were in the Charlotte area we decided to visit the local IKEA store and pick up the last pieces of furniture needed to complete Veronica's craft studio makeover. We picked up 3 shelving units just like the one that I had already assembled and customized with peg board. We also picked up another 9 drawer storage unit, which is identical to the one she currently has.
Along with these 4 pieces, we ordered another pantry unit, which is also identical to the one she already has. That unit should be delivered to our home on Friday. Veronica plans on putting all of her paper in that unit.
I will be spending the next 3 days, upon our returning home, assembling and helping Veronica arrange her craft studio to her liking.
Once these units are assembled and placed in the craft studio, Veronica will be able to store all of here crafting items where she would like them.
Once that is done the craft studio remodel will be complete. I take photos of the ongoing remodel process until it is completed.
Of course there might be a need for one or two small storage units but for the most part these recently purchased items will complete this craft studio remodel project.

Round #3 Of Veronica's Craft Studio Remodel Is Completed

Veronica and I went to our local Walmart on Thursday evening to pick up her new piece of Craft Studio furniture....a large pantry style storage unit.
Yesterday I finished putting this piece together and last night we did some moving and making space for the new unit.
Within a matter of of minutes, this unit was almost packed full with rubber stamps.
Veronica liked this unit so much, we decided to order another one which will be used to store her craft paper.
The beginning of building these units always looks the same...a pile of parts and pieces

Below is the unit before I placed the shelves into it

An overall view of the new pieces of furniture

Another unit packed to the brim with Veronica's goodies 

Round 4 will consist of going back to IKEA and getting the final pieces of this remodel project.

Update On The New Piece For The Craft Studio

After putting the new piece of furniture together, along with customizing it so that it would have additional store, the unit was brought into the Craft Studio and it will be used as the embellishment and ephemera center.
Here is a photo of how it looks right now. I am sure that it will fill up even more as Veronica goes through her stuff and finds more items to store on or in this unit.

Round #3 of Veronica's Craft Studio Makeover Project Continues

Yesterday I went to Walmart to pick up 1 of 2 pieces of furniture that I had ordered via Site To Store.
This piece was the hutch portion that goes on top of the buffet or other storage unit.
I did some modification to this piece so that Veronica could utilize the additional storage areas that my modifications afforded her.
Below are some photos of this piece and of the modifications that I made:

As with all of these projects, separating all of the pieces and hardware out helps make the job go quicker

This is where the modification began. We have 3 sizes of Ball jars with 2 sizes utilizing the same sized jar tops. I discussed with Veronica how she wanted these jars separated and customized this piece to her wishes

After laying out the various Bell jar tops, I used a heavy duty staple gun and a hammer and some very small nails to affix the tops to the underside of the units two shelves...actually the underside of the units top and then the underside of the units lower shelf. It was rather difficult to get the staples to penetrate the Bell jar tops plus there was an issue with the Bell jar lids slipping around a bit against the slick finish of the unit. The nice thing is that even if the job was not the neatest and cleanest job that I have ever done but luckily any imperfections in the affixing the lids to the unit, would not be seen at all once the unit was placed in its upright position.

Below you can see the dented Bell jar lids that occurred from trying to get the staples to penetrate the lids and affixing them to the underside of the shelves.

All Bell jar lids are attached to the unit at this time. Now it is time to turn the unit over onto its upright position.

It doesn't look like much yet but wait for it....

wait for it..... is the finished item. As I said earlier...because the larger diameter jar lids fit both the small flatter jars and the much larger bell jars, they are interchangeable to suit Veronica's needs

And here is the hutch attached to the buffet or lower storage unit in Veronica's craft studio.

Round #3 Begins on Veronicas' Craft Studio Makeover

Yesterday the UPS brown truck person dropped off a big box that contains the first of 3 new furniture pieces that comprise of this, the 3rd round of what I have been calling...the Veronica Studio Project.
The other 2 pieces were purchased online from Walmart utilizing their free Site To Store shipping plan.
Those 2 pieces will most likely be ready for pickup sometime next week at our local Walmart Store.

Here is the newest piece from start to finish:
Separating all of the parts and pieces into individual piles. I always try to do this because it makes everything so much easier when I actually start pulling specific pieces and hardware for assembly 

Below is the finished piece of this project

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