First Time Attempt At Chalk Painting

Yesterday we were up at my Dads house. She had brought up a piece of furniture that she wanted me to refinish and distress. I went online to learn how to use the chalk painting style to refinish and distress this piece. We had already bought the paint and also got some plaster of paris to make a mixture used in the chalk painting style. Veronica was busy doing her embroidery throughout the day so I decided to give the chalk painting a try. Here is the piece after I applied a coat of cream colored paint, let it dry and then applied the mixture of plaster of paris, some water and a bluish colored paint. After letting that mixture completely dry over the previously applied cream colored paint, I out my sandpaper and my new orbital sander and we at the job of distressing this piece of furniture. Here is what I ended up with:

A Foggy Morning Photo Opportunity

When I returned home today for my doctors appointment and to drop off the piece of furniture that I had refinished I noticed that it was really foggy out. I have seldom had the opportunity to take photographs while it was foggy out. I decided to slow down just a little bit and make the most of the opportunity. Below are some of the photographs that I took during this foggy morning photo shoot:

I call the photo below Foggy Morning Disconnect. This pier has weathered some storms in the past and is no longer connected to the shore.

 Below is the pier or what is left of it and an old weathered crab pot that has seen better days

 The Witches Tree

 This is a canal near where we live. Crabbers have their boats and gear in this area. Although it was foggy out elsewhere, it was cloudy but the water was like glass here.

 Crab Hunter Still Life 

 The water was so calm and still that it made for fantastic reflection photos

 The 2 photos below are total reflections

 There was a large puddle of water on an asphalt parking lot and it reflected a huge tree that was growing nearby. Not only was it a great natural reflection but after I adjusted the darkness a bit it was almost like this big tree was surrounded and encompassed by millions of stars...actually whatever was in the asphalt itself


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