Our Brief Visit To Manteo

On Thursday Veronica and I had a bunch of errands to run culminating in Veronica getting a body massage at a local business in Manteo... Better Body Massage. Veronica had nothing but great things to say about her massage. She would like to go back there again.
While we were in the Manteo area, Veronica and I decided to pay a visit to the Manteo waterfront area.
The area is on the sound side of Manteo and consists of several streets that have various stores including arts, crafts and other handmade items. There are several specialty retails shops along with various restaurants in the area.
Unfortunately most of the shops were closed for the off season. We were able to go into a couple of shops that were open and enjoyed browsing in them.
We also had a chance to walk the waterfront area.
I took a few photos of the area.
In order to get the most out of a visit there, we will most likely stop be the area again as their season begins in order to find more businesses open.
Just walking around and enjoying each others company and the sunny weather was fun.
Above is a weather tower where they collect weather data and raise the appropriate flag based on weather conditions and wind speed. Below is a posted chart that explains what each color flag means. The center sign also shows how high the water rose at the location where the tower is, during Hurricane Irene. 

Rule number one of photography....never get your photo taken when you are directly facing the sun , especially when you have blue skies and no clouds. Doing so makes your face look all gnarled and squinty...hmmmm...is squinty a word...it is now!

Our drive ended up taking us over a bridge and into Mann's Harbor where we found this boat called the Baby Bug.

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