More Of The Damage Caused By Hurricane Irene

These are the last of the Hurricane Irene photos

I went to the Post Office today and there were many more piles of peoples belongings and the piles were much higher than there were earlier

Yay!!! Services Are Restored

Our telephone, cable and internet services have been restored. Now is the time for me to get the rest of my photos and videos here they are:

This is a view from the front of our place and it was taken when the water had peaked to its highest level.

The next 2 photos are of what the flooded area looked like the very next afternoon. The photos are taken from the front of our place. Hard to believe that approximately 12 hours before this photo was taken, this area was completely flooded.

Veronica and I went out the day after the hurricane hit to see what damage it had left behind

This is the main road on the Outer Banks. This photo was taken in the late afternoon. It was very different not really seeing any vehicles on this road. This road is usually packed with tourists going here, there and everywhere.

Veronica's store sustained a bit of damage along the back side of the building

Here is the damage that one of the Food Lion stores sustained from the hurricane

A local trailer park

Damage sustained to Billys Seafood just up the street from us. They had all kinds of refrigeration units pulled out of the store and lined up in the parking lot

This is a view from the "point" You could see a built up line of debris and this picnic table was a new addition that had been washed ashore and landed where it is shown. If you didn't know any better, you would think that this table has been in this position and area for a long time.
This "point" is also an area where I walk on a daily basis. Now it is a place that I really have to keep a lookout for various types of snakes.

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