Day #6 Day At Sea - Our Return To Venice

Last night we hit a little bit of rough weather with winds of up to 45 knots and swells up to 12-18'.
Today we did very little but relax. We read books....took a nap.....saw a show at night down at the Stardust Theater and then went to Chocolate Night. Chocolate Night is where all kinds of chocolate creations and goodies are made and displayed in the Garden Cafe. They closed the restaurant down while they set it all up. They also have some ice sculptures, sugar creations chocolate statues along with all of the cakes, cookies and other edibles they create for the passengers. The also have a sugar free section which is a great thing. We also played around with our cameras taking various photos on the 12th deck behind the great Outdoors buffet restaurant where it was real quiet. They have these street lights with blue bulbs in them that give off an strange blue aura and glow. So we decided to see how that blue would look on us when we photographed each other. A real bright moon came out earlier also so I spent a little time photographing that while it was still low enough on the horizon that it was  being reflected off of the water.
Here are some of the photos that we took throughout the course of the day and evening:
Unfortunately this sunset photo was taken through one of the dirty restaurant windows but it still looks sharp
 I took several of these photos...I wanted to catch the rising moon before it rose to high up off of the horizon

 Here are those blue lights and that glow/aura I spoke about earlier




  So Veronica decides that shje wants to practice using the timer on her camera and take some photos of us..."some" being the operative word here.
And so there were some taken
 And then some more

 And then some more

 And then some more

And then something really strange happened...I got to feeling really wierd. And the poof.... all of a sudden I totally disappeared. Can you imagine that. could something like that happen ;)

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