Osprey Sightings

This morning while going for my walk, I noticed quite a bit of activity coming from the area of a huge Osprey nest.
I have been watching this nest though out the seasons over the last 2 years.
Each Spring the Ospreys come back and fix this huge nest up by adding additional branches and such.
Based on the size and density of this nest, it must be years that they have been coming back and working on it. This nest is pretty massive.
This morning I heard the "chirps" of the latest batch of young Ospreys to be born in this nest.
I also watched as one of the adult Ospreys delivered breakfast, a freshly caught fish, to the anxiously awaiting and hungry youngsters.
By the time I got back to our place, grabbed my camera and returned to where this nest is, all I could see was the one adult Osprey. I stood by for approximately 15 minutes to see if the other adult Osprey returned with additional breakfast items. Unfortunately none were delivered but I did catch the other adult Osprey hovering around while I was taking photos and caught a photo of him/her leaving the nest area.
Before calling it quits, I observed one of the youngsters sticking up from the nest.
It won't be long until these young Ospreys are sent packing and move onto making their own nest with their mates. A nest that will last them many seasons...a strong and sturdy nest that will pass the test of time and one where their own youngsters will grow up in, before the cycle repeats itself.

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