The Return Of Our 4 Legged Friends

It had been several weeks since we last saw the deer that used to visit outside our back window on almost a daily routine.
They have been absent ever since Hurricane Irene had come through here. Can't say that I blame them for leaving.
From what I could tell, the deer used to live off and on in the marshy area that is behind our place.
This is the same marshlands that got flooded out when Hurricane Irene came through the sound.
The deer were smart enough to move to higher ground and haven't really returned since.
That was until 2 days ago when out of the blue we saw 2 of those deer come slowly walking up to the rise that leads to a flat portion of land right outside of our 1st floor computer/extra storage room window.
Sure enough they were 2 of the 3 deer that used to pay us a visit rather often.
The youngest of the 2 slowly walked up the rise and started looking around and smelling the ground where I usually put out piles of cracked corn for them.
Since I had not seen any deer in our immediate area since Hurricane Irene, I stopped this routine of feeding the deer.
This young deer slowly walked up to the mesh screen that is on the outside of the window and began looking inside.
There is no way that this deer could not have seen us. I sit about 2 foot away from the window and Veronica sits about 7 feet away.
It was not sunny out when the deer was looking through the window so we knew that it could see inside. This deer moved its head a little to one side and then a little to the other as it looked inside our place.
I swear I could see that deer moving its mouth and lips as it looked inside. Being the deer whisperer and expert deer lip reader that I am, I could see the deer asking me where their corn snacks had been moved to.
Without actually saying a word out loud and doing my best to only move my lips, I told this young deer that I was sorry that I had run out of corn just prior to Hurricane Irene arriving and to come back in a couple of days and I would have some fresh new cracked corn awaiting for their return.
This young deers' ears perked up and both deer headed into the marshland behind our place via one of their trails that they have made.
A couple of days later, I went to Walmart and picked up a couple of large bags of cracked corn that they sell there.
Upon returning home I put 3 large piles of cracked corn outside of that back window.
Those piles have been sitting there for a couple of days now without anything getting into them.
I guess that young deer wasn't old enough to have learned how to lip read a human because I have not seen him/her back since that last visit.
At least I knew what it was saying to me and I did my best to fulfill it's wishes. Maybe next time he/she will bring its older human lip reading brother so we won't have these communication problems in the future.
Hey....that's my story and I am sticking to it!
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