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Changing Blog Backgrounds- A Tutorial of Where To Get And How To Do It

I have had several readers ask where I got my blog background and how did I get it onto my blog. First off, I will give you 3 sites to visit. One is in
Finnish but by going to the bottom of the page, you can figure out which words pertain to going back a page. All blogs have lots and lots of blog backgrounds to pick from. Once you choose the background that you want on your blog, read the below listed instructions for installing it into your blog. Veronica, my wife, does these background swaps quite a bit so if you have more ?s, you can contact her at Here are the 2 blog sites that have the backgrounds:

Finnish Site With Beautiful Backgrounds

Cute And Cool Blog Stuff

The Cutest Blog On The Block

First you must have your current blogger template set to minima. I use minima ochre. This will give your blog page the 3 column style that you see on my blog page. In order to make sure that your template is set at minima ochre, you must go the customize tab and then go to "pick new template" tab and click on it. Then click on minima ochre. If you go to Cutest Blog On The Block....on the left hand side you will see a category for backgrounds. If you find a background that you want to use, then click on the background you like. AFTER you click on the background that you want, a paragraph will show up under the background picture and the code will be displayed. You will need to highlight and copy the code that is under the background you chose. Then go back to your blog and click on layout tab. Once on the layout page, then click on "add a gadget", then click on "add html" for the new gadget. Once you have clicked on "add html" a new box will open. In the top of the new opened box it says name or something like that...maybe title...anyway leave that blank. In the box under it paste the code you just copied from The Cutest Blog On The Block. Click save and then click on view blog..... and whatta you know? You have a beautiful new blog background.
If you go to the Finnish blog background site, the code is already displayed below each background. Pick a background that you like...copy the entire code shown and follow the same directions as described above. Go back to your blog and click on the "layout" tab, then click on "add a gadget" and continue on...
If you go to the Cute And Cool Blog Stuff site, you can do everything just as you would for the Finnish site.
I hope that this helps everyone out.
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