What A Night

Veronica and I went to bed last night at our usual time...11:00PM. After falling sound asleep and less than an hour after going to bed, we were woke up by the sound of rushing water. The sound was loud enough to wake us both up. It turned out to be raining very heavily outside. We always keep our windows open in the Fall and Winter. We like the cold brisk air while we sleep. Because our windows were wide open, we both jumped out of bed without giving it a thought. Just like I have done many times in the past. This time was different. I did not take the time to think that I had just had foot surgery a couple of days ago. Both feet landed on the floor and it took a second to figure out that something was not quite right and that I might have made a slight error in judgement. Didn't take long before the pain woke me completely up and I immediately took the pressure off of my left foot. Using my walker, I hopped over to the window and closed it while Veronica went running around to close all of the other open windows. My foot hurt for a while after that incident but this morning it seems to be fine. Luckily I don't think that I did any long lasting damage nor anything that would seriously delay the healing process nor the positive outcome that I am hoping for. I have been using a walker rather than crutches to get around. The walker has 4 contact points on the ground whereas the crutches only have 2. I am not the most agile person around and balance has always been an issue for me. If they made a walker with 6 or 8 contact points with the ground, believe me, I would have one of those. One thing I have learned is that even with a walker, hopping around on one leg can really wear a person out. By the end of the day, I am usually completely exhausted. Today I plan on resting in bed all day and just taking it easy. The only thing that I haven't figured out is how to make hot coffee and get it from the kitchen and into the bedroom with me, without spilling the hot contents all over myself. Maybe a zip line or pulley system from the kitchen to the bedroom is in order. I might have to work on that idea today.
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