Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 15

Today was our last full day of fishing and being in the camp. Last night we prepacked and finished up after we came back from fishing and having dinner. Today we went out to Ord Lake
and did some walleye fishing and some Musky fishing. I caught a rare Silver Northern Pike fish. See picture below
Unfortunately I did not catch any Musky although I did have two follows. So the hunt for the great Musky will have to wait until next year. We had another great shore lunch prepared by Darcy of Andy Myers Lodge. The shore lunch was held at a location near the cabin we had previously visited earlier this week.
Below are pictures of some more wall art that was in the cabin.

Andy Myers Lodge cabins. More of the cabins at Andy Myers Lodge

Fish Skeleton that I found laying on the ground. It looks like it has been here for some time.

You sometimes have to wonder who the artist is that creates these wonderful pieces of art.

A french bag of charcoal by any other name is ..........
As you can see Mike was here in 91
and Voglewede in 90

Here is Darcy creating his world famous shore lunch.

I had never heard of this brand of Whisky before.

My wife's favorite drawing.
Bone Cruncher Mackafee drawing and folk lore
My rare catch of the day was a Silver Northern Pike.

Darcy's fried fish Most shore lunches consist of the same. Fried Walleye, fried potatoes, canned corn, pork and beans, fried onion rings and some fruit cups.

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