Canadian Vacation 2008 Day 7

Today we did our usual routine and after having breakfast we met with our guide, Mike, down by the dock. Fishing was very slow until about one p.m. today.
We were out Musky fishing using what is called a Sucker Rig. A sucker is a type of fish like a smaller version of a carp. The suckers we were using were about 15 inches long and the sucker is attached to a rig which is used to catch Musky fish. I had a 51 inch Musky take the sucker and I set a really hard hook set on it but unfortunately after fighting the fish for five seconds, the musky sheared off the rear treble hook, so I lost that fish.
I lost a 45 incher on a similar situation also today. We had about six of the Musky follow our lures to the boat but they were just window shopping and wouldn't take the bait.
Tonight was Fish Fry that the camp has every Wednesday night for the guests. Tomorrow we will be going on a road trip to Corner Lake with our friend and guide Cal.
So, until tomorrow I wish you tight lines and huge fish.

Here is an outside view of our cabin # 8 our favorite.
Down at the docks this morning.
The boats are being taken out of the water for the season.
Found this wood pecker outside our cabin this morning.
Fishing lures we used this morning. We had these lined up and ready to use.

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