The World Becomes A Much Smaller Place Because Of The Internet

Today was a good day. Out of the blue I received an email from a long lost friend of mine by the name of Mike.
Mike and I used to work together when I lived back in N.H. Mike and I basically started our Public Defenders job at the same time.
Over the span of many years, Mike and I spent a lot of time together and went through a lot both professionally and personally. We always seemed to be there for each other when things got tough.
After I left the Public Defenders program, we still kept in contact but as time went by we lost touch of each other. As what usually happens between friends, life took center stage and we fell out of contact with each other.
Veronica and I moved, telephone numbers change or are unpublished and time basically moved on and seemed to pass by very quickly.
I am not sure exactly how Mike found me but I think that he happened upon Veronica's Facebook page. You know "that" page...that darn Farmville game page that so many people play. Ok...I am guilty too. I used to play it until I decided to go cold turkey and deactivate my Facebook account. There was a 6 step program involved with going cold turkey from Farmville but that saga is for another blog entry.
Enough about Farmville...back to my story.
As I was saying...I got an email from Mike today and I was very happy that he was able to track me down.
We will talk this weekend over the phone and try to get caught up on stuff that we have missed in each others life.
In the mean time, I have pointed Mike in the direction of this blog...why you ask....
Because my story and my life has basically been documented here and I couldn't tell it any better than it has already been told here....both the ups and downs
Plus there is the added benefit of having visual aids photographs.
So to Mike and his family of course...welcome to my life and hopefully we won't lose touch of each other again.
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