Life Goes On

It seems like forever since Veronica and I returned from our last vacation and it has been non stop action ever since. Upon arriving back from our vacation we found that we had a minor flood in our small kitchen. As it turned out we needed to get the lower cabinets pulled out and rebuilt, have the carpet taken out and changed over to vinyl flooring, get a new updated faucet  put in and a new colorful counter top put in. This job has been going on for approximately 6 weeks as of today but it might be completed least we hope so. Everything that was in our kitchen is currently and has been re-located to our living room and hallway. It will be nice to get all of our space back so we don't feel so closed in.
Been working on a few other projects since it has started warming up.
Started with some grass seed and that seed patch stuff to get the front yard looking a little better.
Will be doing some repair work on the fence. Ordered and will be putting up new blinds on several windows...mainly the kitchen and living room.
I am also working on fixing a major eye sore in the yard. There is an 8' x 8' raised vegetable garden that has seen better days. The wood holding the dirt in has rotted, weeds over taken the actual garden area and the plastic fencing is in bad need of replacement. I have collecting everything that will be need to totally transform this raised garden back into usable shape. Tomorrow I will attack that raised garden and I plan on having it all done before tomorrow is over, with the exception of the plastic fencing which has been ordered. I will be planting several rows of sweet corn, a few tomato plants, baby broccoli, baby carrots, sweet onions- both Georgia and Texas and various varieties of sweet peppers. I have already planted a couple of new window boxes on the shed with sweet basil and Greek oregano plants.
This is just the start of my ever growing list. It has been hectic to say the least but....Life goes on.
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