Tree On Roof Issue And An Update On The Home Renovation Project

We were finally able to get someone out here to remove the 2 large branches that were laying on our roof that were caused by the high winds that we had when the tropical storm (downgraded Hurricane Michael) passed West-Northwest of us a couple of weeks back. The tree people ended up cutting the remainder of the once beautiful Bradford Pear tree down and hauled it away. They will be returning to grind the stump down in the near future.
We then had a roofing specialist come in to check on potential damage to the roof caused by the tree.
Upon further inspection of the overall roof, we were notified that the roof and gutters had suffered wind and hail damage.
Based on this information I contacted our insurance company and filed a claim. An adjuster will be coming by on 11/7 to check out the damage himself.
We will see how that turns out. If it were not for the tree falling ion the roof we would probably have never known about the recent wind and hail damage to our roof and gutters.
We have been very busy removing our belongings and packing stuff up in order to get as much out of the house as possible before the painters arrive on Monday. Our POD unit is full and the garage is about 3/4 full. I also had to put stuff into our attic.
Yesterday our electrician came in and started on the long list of items that we requested to be done inside the house.Today he will return and put up all of the new lighting fixtures. I will post photos when he has completed the projects.
Currently we have a drywall/plaster crew inside doing quite a bit of work on our walls...repairing cracks, smoothing out portions of the wall and mudding various areas. All of this is in preparation for the painters to start painting the interior, which they are projecting as being a 2 week project.
One last note....the new pantry door came in and was installed and the gas gas range has been hooked up so now we can cook again.
More updates to follow.
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