Harvesting Some Crops

I have been slowly harvesting some crops from my gardens. I have harvested several cherry tomatoes along with some patio veriety tomatoes. I had planted some rather hefty Roma Style Italian Sauce tomatoes and pulled the first couple that were ready and then today was the carrott harvest. These carrotts came from a relatively small space that is approximately 28"L x 18"D along with an approximately 14" x 14" square plastic potting box. Not really a bad haul for such a limited area.

 Below are the various sized tomatoes that I have harvested so far and there are bunches more of each size ripening on the vine as I write this
 Below are the sauce tomatoes. They actually should be much bigger than these 2 but I did not want to take a chance of bugs or birds getting to them while the were plumping up more on the vine so I figured it would be best to pull them. All of these tomatoes will be juiced down for sauce purposes.
 They felt like they weighed more but they are very solid

 And here is this years carott harvest
Today I also took over a space that is in front of the 3 tomato plants in the oval garden where the potato garden was. I planted an additional 8 ear of the red corn. This is the corn that I had tried when I pulled the first round of my corn that I planted to close together and the corns growth was being stunted. These are just an additional 8 ears of the sweetest best tasting corn I have ever had and the piece I tried wasn't even mature or totally red yet...actually far from it. I just sunk my teeth into the reddish kernels that were on this ear.After pulling all of my corn crop out, harvesting whatever usable ears that there were, I re-planted 3 varieties of corn and kept plenty of distance between each soon to be plant. I planted 4 rows of this red corn. This corn is called Ruby Queen Hybrid and I got the seeds from Burpee Seeds. After planting the new seeds in the ground only 4 days ago I have 60 corn plants up already. Hopefully this round of corn will come out great.

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