Throwing Everything But The Kitchen Sink At My Tongue

I am currently throwing my whole medicinal arsenal at my tongue. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fire my big guns at it and I won't be able to until we return from our upcoming vacation. What I have thrown at it has been enough to lower the pain level but hasn't done too much to change the outward appearance of the sores and all of the other stuff in my mouth and on my tongue. It is possible that what I am taking could be bringing all of this nasty looking stuff up to the surface...I just am not sure. No matter what medicinal bombs I throw at this monster, it is going to take some time to have an impact on it.
Below are 3 photos of my tongue over the course of several days. These photos do not show what is going on further back in my mouth nor further back on my tongue:

 Taken on 9/12/2013

Taken on 9/20/2013

Taken on 9/24/2013
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