Videos From Our Visit To Duck And Corolla

Here are several videos that I took while we were out visiting Duck and Corolla North Carolina. Just click on the arrow to view the videos.

Our drive on the beach

Surfer dude using a long paddle

A Day Spent In Duck And Corolla

Today Veronica and I spent a relaxing day visiting the towns of Duck and Corolla. Here are some photographs from todays adventure.

A restaurant that we came across.

Where there is water, there are birds and from the looks of all of the white splats on the concrete, this place has a ton of birds around.

An old weathered sign that we found near the restaurant.

A couple of the homes in the area

This old boat was in the yard of one of the houses that we saw.

This was another interesting house that we came across. Unfortunately I had to take the photo while we were driving.

Corolla is known for its wild Spanish Mustangs that live in the area. Everywhere you look, you will find some sort of horse statue in honor of these wild mustangs.

Most of the houses in this region have names to them...same as how people will name a boat or a cabin in TN.

We found this real nice home that had this peacock art work painted on it.

A clubhouse in one of the neighborhoods that we went through

Various photos of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse

This fossil was outside of a museum. The museum which is usually open, was closed do to budgetary reasons. Not sure what kind of animal it came from.

Veronica having fun

Here is a wooden bridge that we found near the lighthouse

I saw these knots in a tree. You can use your imagination as to what they look like. Possibly something from the movie...The Fly. This is kind of like a Tree Knots Rorschach test.

This is a beach that the various Wild Mustang tours take you to, in order to find the horses. I think that they blocked the area in so that the horses would stay in their own area....a horse sanctuary, that is dedicated to the preservation of these wonderful animals. Veronica and I decided to go on the beach without taking one of the numerous tours.
Here is a link to get more information on the Corolla Wild Horses
On our little beach drive, we saw this guy surfing with a long paddle

We found this artwork as we were driving into a Harris Teeter grocery store parking lot.

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