Last Medical Update Until After Our Vacation

I decided to do this one last medical update before we left for our cruise. I would like to be able to sweep all of this under the rug or shove it into a dark remote spot in a closet for a while so that Veronica and I can enjoy the build up to our cruise and and the vacation itself, without having this dark cloud always hanging around spoiling every moment we have.
So after this blog entry there will be no more talk about or thoughts about mouth sores and the "C" least until the end of October.
Actually my tongue has been feeling somewhat better. Not as much pain and on some days it actually looks better but by looking at the photos...damn if it looks any better. I guess "some days" were the operative words.
I can almost bet the farm that all of this stuff will still be waiting for me when I return from our vacation. But from this moment until I get back home...I am 35 years old again....healthy as an ox and as handsome and studly (according to Veronica) as George Clooney.....yeah I can hear you now.....damn that must be some really good shit he's got himself into!!!...and then there is the fact that Veronicas' sight is not what it used to be either.
Well...... what did you of old road runner cartoons...beeep beeep!!

The following photos were taken on 10/7/2013. You will notice a new development on the top of my tongue that just developed yesterday

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