Can I Have A Mulligan Please

It seems like forever since Veronica and I were on our Baltic Capitals Cruise. I know it was just this last September but it still seems like forever.
More and more lately, I have found my minds eye taking me back to a special place and time.
I find myself going back to Warnemunde, Germany. Veronica and I are sitting outside of a cafe/bakery. She is drinking her coffee and both of us are sharing a warm roll or a piece of pastry.
The smells of the fresh baked breads, rolls and other assorted goodies drift through the air like butterflies looking for the next flower to float to.
Even with these vivid memories to keep me company, I want a Mulligan...a do over.
Why? Because at the time, I had a hard time believing that I was really there. It was all too surreal. There I was with my best friend and wife, Veronica, sharing some special once in a lifetime moments. I needed to be a sponge so that I could soak up every little bit of what I was smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting and sharing. I know I missed something. There is no way that I couldn't have. There was just too much happening at one time. A new place, a new language, new food...everything new and different. Trying to soak in everything that challenged all of my senses. It all came at me so quickly. I don't think that I could truly grasp the magnitude of everything that my senses came into contact with nor could I really appreciate it all....until it was gone...over with...just another memory refreshed by my minds eye.
The sights and feelings that I had as our ship was leaving port in Warnemunde. Residents of Warnemunde lining the banks...hundreds if not a thousand of them there...clapping....waving...whistling. Saying good bye to our ship and those that had visited their town. The boats in the harbor circling our ship and sounding horns in loud appreciation for us spending time in their little slice of heaven. And then there was the fireworks show...the grand display and send off for us. A visual exclamation mark put at the end of a very appreciatively worded sentence.
Yes...I want a Mulligan...a do over. I didn't appreciate it enough while I was there. I couldn't. But I have come to appreciate it so much more since then.
Yes...I want a Mulligan...a do over....please.
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