Our Housing Issue For Our Upcoming Paris Trip Has Been Solved

After viewing hundreds of potential apartments for us to stay at during our 2 week visit to Paris this Fall, we found the ideal apartment, location and host for our needs. This arrangement meets all of our needs. This is the very first time that we have used the services of Airbnb and so far it has worked out well.

We are currently in the process of getting verified by Airbnb. This is part of Airbnb's safety process...to make sure that we are who we claim to be. Because we are new to the Airbnb community, we need to go through this process once. The next time we decide to use Airbnb this process will have been already completed and it will be a much more streamlined process.

Here is a link so you can see the apartment we chose:

Surgery In My Future

I finally decided to go ahead and catch up on the surgery that I have needed to get done. About a year ago I injured my left knee. An MRI showed the I had torn my meniscus. Plus I have had a long standing issue with my middle finger on my left hand.  I have what is called a "trigger finger". The middle finger locks in place and makes clicking sounds as one joint bone rubs over another. It is cause by the tendon in the finger to tighten up and not stretch like it should. Closing and opening the finger can get very difficult at times and it gets very sore too.
Because I was going to on the operating table and asleep while the doc scopes out my left knee, I might as well grab as many frequent flyer miles that I can get and have him do my finger while I am there. I will get both done on Wed, 2/12. I have to be at the hospital by 9:30 and I am second on the surgical list.
I want to get this stuff fixed while it is still Winter. I will have plenty of time to get my knee and finger back in shape prior to Veronica and I go on our vacations....Canada for fishing and then almost 2 weeks in Paris.

Got A Cold Front Coming Through

Today is got up to 68 degrees where we live. Pretty warm compared to what we have had recently. Last week 6 inches of snow and today a heat wave. Behind an advancing cold front the temps are about 20 degrees cooler. Here are some photos of the possible stormy weather approaching as the front gets closer:

A Moving Song By Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee - The Prayer

I have heard this song before and it always seems to move me each and every time I hear it:

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