Finally Answers For My Leg Issues

Yesterday Veronica and I took the long drive into Virginia Beach so that we could go back to see our old family doctor.
His office had moved from a very convenient location to an area that has many more medical professionals and thus 10 times the amount of traffic and a much further and less desirable location as far as driving was concerned.
I was finally going to make all attempts to find out what was going on with my right leg issue. I felt that it had to do with my long standing lower back problems but lately many other doctors felt that it might have something to do with any prostate issues that I might have.
After currently finding no direct link from my prostate to my leg issues, I figured that after 16 months of on and off pain, it was time to finally find out what the real issue might be.
That feat was accomplished by a procedure as simple as a set of back xrays.
My doctor showed me my newly taken xrays and the films showed several issues.
Some of which was a rather pronounced curvature of the spine but not so much seen from a side view but from a straight on front view of the spine...basically my spine was bent sideways with a pronounced bow in it and then it continued to straighten up somewhat as it moved higher towards my upper torso and neck.
A side view showed narrowing of some of the spaces between my vertebrae, some of the vertebrae kind of twisted and others were not aligned and either sticking out further than the others or somewhat pushed back further than the others.
There is also some degenerative disc stuff going on also.
I had the written results from a lumbar spine xray series that was done back in 2007 and hopefully they will be able to locate those xrays and compare them to what we were currently looking at.
It will be interesting to see the written comparison between the two xray results to see how things have progressed over the last 4 years.
My doctor prescribed me some pain medicine but would not give me any type of anti inflammatory because he said that it would not help with the issues that I had going on.
He strongly suggested that I go to a chiropractor/physical rehab place and let them work on the issue to relieve some of the pain issues that I had going on. He said that they could also show me techniques that I could use at home to stretch and make my back work better than what it was.
The doctor even burned a copy off of my xrays while we were there so that I could take them with me and show whoever I got to work with me on my back.
Once I get the official results of the xrays, I will share them with all.
I had already started my online search for a local physical therapist/sports rehab/chiropractic/spine specialist in our area. So far I have found a few possibilities. I really don't want to travel the 2 hour one way drive to find someone in Virginia Beach when there might be someone qualified locally.
Unfortunately I won't be able to actually go to anyone until after my prostate biopsy is finished.
Once that is completed, I will once again be free to move about the cabin...sorry...bad airline humor there.
That is still scheduled for 8:30AM on Monday, 7/18. I will be reporting the complete aspects of that procedure after it occurs of course. No live reporting on that one. Yeah I really feel ripped off.
If a person can report on a Colonoscopy live on TV, why can't I do it on my Prostate Biopsy.
Sorry...just not going to happen but believe me, no one out there will need to "probe" me for details about the procedure.
Sorry again...just some poor Prostate Biopsy humor.
Actually I am sure that there will be at least one person out there in Readerville that will need this procedure done sometime in the future.
I would rather you hear what it was really like from someone like me, than read about it in some sterile medical procedure article. Hey folks...that's just the way I roll.
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