The New Camera Has Arrived!!!

Our new Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX100V camera arrived here today via FedEx. I wasn't expecting this little beauty to arrive until tomorrow.
After getting into the box and firing this camera up, the best way to describe my first impression of this camera is that it is SWEEEEEET.
It has tons of bells and whistles in it and I am looking forward to giving her a test drive but that will have to wait until after I get a chance to review the manual and play with the settings a bit.
Veronica and I are going to Orlando in a couple of weeks and that will be the time when I will put the pedal to the metal and see what this baby will do.
This camera has almost twice the megapixels as our old one, full HD 1080P video recording mode, records video in 3D for those who have 3D televisions or will in the future and the Panarama mode looks really cool. You can choose how to pan..left to right, right to left, bottom to top and top to bottom. It also has a couple of fully auto settings where the camera will decide which scene mode works best for the photographic subject  matter. It also has a 30x optical Zoom...which is an important item for me.
Here are a few photos of our new camera as it just came out of the box. Also...for those of you that are in the market for a new camera, here is a review of the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX100V

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