Now We Start Throwing The Kitchen Sink At My Tongue

I got my secret medicinal weapon in the other day. Based on the speed at which things have developed for the worse in my mouth, I decided to go ahead and start using the latest weapon in my arsenal. My fist dosage was last night. I will provide the details of this weapon at a later date but for now I will detail whether it appears that this weapon is working or not.
I will use it for the next 10 days, including last nights use. This will take me up to the night before we leave for vacation. I will then start back up again as soon as we return home. 5 weeks after that I should have an idea whether this weapon is working or not.
Below are the latest photos of my tongue and the dates the photos were taken:

Taken on 9/26/2013

Taken 9/27/2013 

Taken 9/29/2013

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