All Packed Up And Ready To Go

I got up early this morning knowing that I had a full day ahead of me as did Veronica.
After waking up, I went for a walk and promptly went into my workout. After spending a couple of hours doing my weight lifting I then proceeded to do some house cleaning before our house sitter arrived for a quick briefing and tour of the place.
I finished up the house cleaning after the house sitter left and finally slowed down enough to relax a bit. The house sitter will return here for the duration of our time away, starting tomorrow morning.
Veronica and I will do our flight check in before leaving.
I am still in the process of finishing up the laundry and it seems like this day will never end.
Veronica is still at work and won't be home until 10pm or so. Once she gets home, I will finish packing up the SUV and by that time, I am sure that even as excited as we are about this trip, we will probably fall fast asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
This will be my last blog entry until we return from this, our latest adventure.
I will have lots to write about and of course there will be tons of photos to go through and upload for everyone to look at.
It is always nice to visit old memories and even nicer to make new ones. Let the new memory making begin.
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