Heading Home From Our Vegas Adventure

Veronica and I woke up around 2:15AM so that we could check out of our hotel and take a taxi to the airport for our 6AM flight home. Our first leg of the journey was a long one...over 4 hours and we landed in Atlanta. After a layover in Atlanta, we landed in Newport News around 3:30PM and then it was a 2 hour plus drive back home. Veronica and I both had a great time in Las Vegas but we decided that this will most likely be our last trip there. There are so many other places on our list to see. Our next big adventure will be fishing up at Eagle Lake in Ontario Canada and seeing our friends Ken and John up there. This trip will be in September. Hopefully with the assistance of both John and Ken, I can catch a couple of those trophy sized fish that I have been after. If anyone can help me get them, these two guys can.

I somehow came back from Vegas with a little money

In the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on Concourse B Adjacent to Gate B15, I came across this neat business. I know that in Japan, they  have sleeping pods/day rooms for the weary traveler. I believe they are called kaminshitsu in Japanese. For a price you can also get a shower cubicle with a vanity mirror. The one in Atlanta is called Minute Suites..The Traveler's Retreat. I spoke to the person working the front desk and was told that this company is not a franchise type of company and that the company is looking to expand into other airports...especially the airport in Chicago. Below is a card that was at the front desk with additional information. For more information about this company and its offerings, please visit http://www.minutesuites.com/  

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