Our Charter Communications Saga Continues

I just got an email that someone responded to my Facebook post. This is the same post that I blooged about yesterday. An unknown Charter Communications employee gave me the general Charter phone number and told me to speak to the "billing team" to see about getting this issue escalated. On phone now with one of the "billing team" members. Will see how this turns out. Good luck getting your issues fixed. It is a shame that we the customers have to spend so much time out of our lives to get an issue resolved, especially after we spend so much of our hard earned money for the service to begin with. If for some reason there are issues with the paid service, then the company should refund a fair and equitable mount of money that should be applied towards our billing statement. Nowadays there are so many companies that enjoy receiving that monthly paid in full bill and then they seem to totally turn their backs on the same customers that are actually keeping them in business and paying their salaries. Well just got off the phone with one member of the "billing team". Seems that my case got escalated to the next step. I was told that I would get a call from unknown person higher up within 5-10 business days to discuss this issue with me. We will see how this turns out. 5-10 business days...obviously I am not very high up on the customer loyalty totem pole!!!!
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