Days 10 And 11 Of Our Baltic Capitals Cruise- Days At Sea

The next 2 days would be spent at sea with the ship heading towards Dover, England.
After we left Stockholm, we encountered some rainy weather and some choppy seas.
You could feel the ship sway back and forth with the power of the waves.
It got a little rough there for a while. When we headed out to get something to eat, we kept going from one wall to the next as we tried to walk down the ships hallways.
You could really feel the boat moving back and forth as we were going to sleep.

Over the course of the next 2 days, we just relaxed and read a book. There were a few sales going on during these 2 days. One shop had everything on sale for $10. Talk about crowds. Veronica was able to buy several scarves at this sale.
Below are a couple of videos showing the choppy water...unfortunately these videos do not do the turbulent sea justice.  

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