The Podiatrist Speaks

I went to my new foot doctor this morning. He took a couple of weight bearing x-rays which turned up nothing unusual. Based on the x-rays and the information that I provided to him, he came up with a diagnosis of bursitis. He gave me an injection in the foot, in the hopes that the inflammation will go down. I was told that I might need another injection in a couple of weeks. I have got to the point where I really dislike needles but unfortunately it is necessary. I need to quit my walking for a couple of weeks. I will go back to the podiatrist after we get back from our Canada fishing trip. Next on my list is a visit to my new dermatologist. That will be happening tomorrow morning. I will be getting a thorough inspection looking for anything that looks like it might lead to skin cancer. I believe that I have a couple of spots that resemble basil cell carcinoma. So tomorrows visit will be interesting.
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