How Many Times Have You Told Yourself....This Only Happens To Other People

C'mon...let's not bullshit each other. If you are like me you have probably thought it plenty of times...maybe not said it aloud but thought it to yourself before moving on to something much more important like your favorite football team playing in HD on television in 5 minutes.
Yeah I know that scenario all to well..but guess can and did happen to me. In the snap of the fingers or the blink of an eye...I swallowed and my tongue hurt. And that my friends was the beginning. It came without an invite and stayed way beyond last call.
If it can happen to can happen to you.  Approximately 42,000 people in the US will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013.
I have decided to write in detail about this next journey. It will be on how I am doing and feeling as I walk into the ring and do battle against oral cancer. My story starts off a little different to begin with just for the fact that I have Mast Cell Disease in my bone marrow which causes me to have a compromised immune system to begin with.
I should make it very clear that I have not been officially diagnosed with oral cancer as of yet but based on my lengthy history of smoking...32 plus years...smoke free for approx 7-8  years and medical history leukoplakia, myoplasia and 2 tongue biopsies along with what is currently going on in my mouth, on my tongue and throat...I am getting real close to obtaining that official diagnosis.
The Oncologist that I see for my Mast Cell Disease has referred me to one of the best ENTs that has experience with oral cancer patients. My first appointment with this specialist is on November 5th.
I do not plan on conforming to strictly mainstream medicine to cure me and I have already started utilizing "alternative medicines".
For anyone that has any type of disease whether it be cancer to seizures, arthritis to diabetes, it is in your best interest to look into some of the alternative medicines that are out there.  For those who are interested, do a Google search for High Level CBDs, Cannabinoids and Cannabidiol. I also watched several documentaries on television about Medical Marijuana, Hemp/Hemp Oil Products, High Level CBD products. It was/is truly amazing  what these products appear to be able to do on a medicinal/healing level
I started taking the following item in hopes that it would help my current medical situation out... CanChewGum
I have been using the gum for a week and started using before most people probably would but I wanted to get a good jump on beating this thing.
What I have noticed is that whatever is going on in my mouth and on my tongue, it is happening rather quickly. One day something isn't there and the next day it is and the next day it looks completely different.
Veronica and I are beginning to wonder if the CBDs in the gum are forcing the bad stuff on/in my tongue to the surface thus making it look real bad overnight and then it subsides a bit the next day. Like I said....everything looks and changes very quickly.
Now how has all of this had on my mental and emotional state...well...this all came upon me really rather quickly. There are times that I find myself very sad, angry, depressed and then at other times it is just another day at the office . So my feelings are all over the place.
And then on the other side of the coin, I am still working on the finishing touches for our upcoming cruise.
So I guess what they say is does go on.
I will post some internal mouth and tongue photos later.

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