Medical Update

Yesterday morning I woke up with knee feeling fairly decent. I decided to try to put some weight on it. I didn't do too badly. I was able to move around our place and I could actually go up the many stairs that we step at a time using one crutch under the armpit on the same side of my hurt knee. Coming down the stairs was another matter. I had to scoot down them on my fanny until I got to the last 2-3 stairs, at which time I was able to get back up on my feet.
My knee got real sore and stiff after I had spent some time in my chair at my computer desk. When I came back upstairs, I could feel that my knee had weakened bit and had tightened up. I am sure that I had pushed things a bit.
I ended up tossing and turning last night, unable to find a comfortable position.
Today I took it easy. Easy enough that my knee feels much better than it did yesterday.
Hopefully tonight I will sleep better and tomorrow I have something to look forward to...taking the dressing off, taking a shower and putting clean bandages on my stitched up sutures.
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