The Dog Days Of Summer

It seems awfully early, but we must be in the dog days of summer or at least I am. Lately the days have been drifting by one by one. Slowly and methodically. The weather remains the same, routines remain the same, news events remain the same except that the names have changed. Each day seems to be a carbon copy of the day before except for subtle nuances. Routines can be like your favorite recliner....comfortable, safe and always there for you. This day I need to do this and that day I always do that. On and on it goes. Each day blends into the next one like the paint on an artist palette. I yearn for some sort of excitement. Something to break the methodical ticking of my clock as times slowly moves by. But for now, on this very moment, during this very day, I will surrender myself to these dog days of Summer, knowing that change will happen on its own time schedule and most likely when I least expect it. So at least for today, I will relax in that comfortable, safe recliner that is always there waiting for me. Oh yes, those dog days of Summer must be upon me. And to think that it is only June.
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