We Have Arrived In Mykonos, Greece Part #1

Today is October 7th and we have arrived in Mykonos, Greece. We got up early this morning so that would could catch the 1st tender leaving the ship and taking us to Mykonos. When we arrived in Mykonos it was still early and rather quiet. It did not stay quiet for very long. It got rather busy as more and more people arrived from our ship and another cruise ship that was docked in the area. It was a very enjoyable day at one of our favorite Greek Islands..Mykonos. Due to the number of photos taken throughout the course of the day, I have divided our visit to Mykonos into 2 parts. Here are some photos of our day in Mykonos:
Activity in the port


Mykonos had quite a few cats...everytime we turned around there seemed to be a cat perched somewhere around 

My beautiful wife Veronica relaxing and enjoying Mykonos


Another cat perched up high


Unique outdoor lighting


There were a lot of churches in town

Part #2 of Mykonos coming up shortly
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