Big Money On The High Seas Part2

Last night Veronica and I watched the show Cruise Inc- Big Money on The High Seas, that was shown on CNBC. I found the show to be interesting. I got a few good looks at the Pearl, the ship we will be going on to Alaska. The ship looked very nice. The show was mainly about how the cruise lines try to turn a profit and what goes into achieving that goal. There are many ways the cruise lines get your money or at least try to. Some of them include art auctions, jewelry sales, internet service, higher quality specialty restaurants that require an additional surcharge per person...sometimes a 2 for 1 special is offered, bingo, photographs, numerous bars and lounges for liquor sales, spas and of course a casino to name a few. After watching the show, Veronica and I knew that we would come home with a few of our dollars still in our pockets. About the only thing that will cost us extra, while on board, would be trying a couple of the specialty restaurants. I think that the worst thing for us is that we are not really "crowd" people. But I am sure that with the size of this ship, we should be able to find some crowdless areas and if not, we have our balcony to find refuge at. I will be journaling our daily events and taking plenty of photos and video so that I can share it with everyone.
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