Post Op Difficulties

I have not seen my doctor since getting my left knee worked on, so I haven't had the chance to find out exactly what he needed to do in there to get it fixed. From what I have heard it was more than what he had to do when he fixed my right knee, about 18 months ago. What I do know for sure is that my knee is really sore and it will take a little longer than usual to get it back into shape. I went for my first walk yesterday. I did one lap in my neighborhood and decided not to push it any further than that. I am going to try to go for a walk everyday as I try to build my left leg and knee up. My knee surgery has affected me most when I try to sleep. I am a side sleeper for the most part and usually I have one leg on top of the other when sleeping on my side. Unfortunately it does not matter which side I sleep on, there always seems to be pressure on my knee which in turn causes me pain. I will be so glad when i can get a good nights sleep.
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