Day 3 Of Our Cruise - Juneau Alaska

Today was day 3 of our Alaska 2010 cruise vacation and we arrived in Juneau early in the morning. As we were entering the harbor, I took some photographs of various structures that I saw.

Not really sure what this is used for. Might be some type of pumping station or floating storage area

This boat has seen better days

This is the view as we got closer to Juneau

Here is Tracy's King Crab Shack. I had read about this place online and we had planned on getting some King Crab legs for lunch. They were just opening up fo the season on the day we arrived in Juneau. Unfortunately we did not make it back there by days end. Luckily you can order there seafood on line. For more here...Tracy's Crab Shack

I found this old jelopy sitting next to a building. The ownerws turned it into an advertisement on wheels

Building art

We found this little burger shack in a torn down block in the city
And of course they have a McDonalds. The prices were about 50% higher than what we are used to paying. One of their small hamburgers off of the value menu costs $1.50 compared to $1.00 that we usually pay

I saw this dog who appeared to be driving this car.
At least this dog isn't driving AND using a cellphone

Where we find an Audrey Hepburn picture, you will find me taking a photo of Veronica next to it

Here is the Alaska Hotel and Bar. I took photos of both the inside of the bar and several of the hotel rooms. Those photos are further down on this blog entry. They still rent the rooms out there. Some rooms have their own bathroom and others have a shared bathroom down the hall.

Here is Veronica with one of her new found friends
This was one long stairway.

Veronica with another friend
I actually made friends with this little critter

We went into the Taku Seafood Company. They actually smoke and package their goods in the building

The city of steep stairwells
I thought this reflection shot was kind of cool
And then we stumbled upon a business that I have not seen nor been into, since the early 70s...a Head Shop and quite the Head Shop it was. You name it and they carried it. I vaguely remember some of these devices...only because I have read about them....that's my story and I am asticking to it. The person attending to business there, was kind enough to let me take some photos

Veronica found this little guy in front of a used/antique book store

A big difference in architectural designs

This was the inside of the Alaska Bar that I had mentioned previously. This bar is still in use

This bar has been kept as it was years ago...1913
Here are a few photos of the rooms in the Alaska Bar and Hotel

This is the hotel lobby area

Veronica makes friends everywhere she goes

The city lights of Juneau as the sun is setting

Tomorrow we are on to Skagway and then to Hoonah, Alaska.

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