Charter Communications Followup

After not hearing from the Charter Communications rep about my initial assigned telephone number being lost out in limbo land, I decided not to wait around for them to find it.
I went ahead and took the new number. I also went ahead and made my way through my long list of businesses to contact and let them know my "new" new telephone number.
Monday I will be heading down to OBX early in the morning.
I need to stop by and pick up our keys and then head over to the place.
I have a vehicle full of stuff to unload and then I need to start putting up curtain rods and curtails. After that I will do some work in the bathrooms...putting up shower curtains and towels.
Hopefully I can get it all done during this one trip.
On Wednesday the moving crew comes to box everything up and then on Thursday they will be here early to pack the truck.
Starting on Wed we won't have any internet nor computers. We won't have any internet until 3/10, at which time Charter will come out to our new place and set us up with telephone, internet and cable service.
This upcoming week with be hectic to say the least be at least we are making progress.
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