Post Home Renovation/Remodel Photos

After getting all of our belongings out of the POD unit that was in our driveway for almost 2 months, we finally got everything put away for the most part.
The interior portion of our project has been completed except for a few decor items to hang and finish up.
It has been a long and stressful 6 months but we finally made it to the finish line. Here are the downstairs photos:

Through the doors and on the other side of the fireplace is the sunroom. There used to be an nonworking heat pump/ac through the wall system in there. We took that unit out and put a small sliding window in its place that we framed out. We bought a few wire storage shelf units and a bunch of heavy duty storage bins. The sunroom is now a nice storage area. I cleaned out the attic and brought down all holiday related items along with some other things and organized it all. As I am getting older it would be getting harder and harder to go into the attic and drag stuff downstairs for use and then drag it back ustairs to be put in the attic. This sunroom solved that issue quite nicely.
We are thinking about doing something to the fireplace but not sure what treatment to do. 

I have already swapped out the blind behind the tub for a blackout blind that matches the other 2 windows in the bedroom. I got the ttype of blackout blinds that have some insulating qualities to them plus you can either open the blinds from the bottom up, pulls the blinds open from the top down or both from the bottom and the top. This way you can allow light in but also have your privacy.

We bught this wall decor piece and hung it on the wall. Then bought some artificial flowers and put them in the basket. We have a metal sign coming in that says something like " Frash Flower Market" with an arrow pointing to the right. The sign will be put up just below the bicycle.

Now that the interior is complete for the most part, we will move on to get some exterior projects started. First off will be 3 motion activated security spotlights and security cameras. These will be going in tomorrow. Then there will be getting the roof, skylight and gutters completely replaced due to wind and hail damage. That project should be starting in a week or so. In the Spring we will be getting the front of the house painted. Eventually we will get a new TREX composite deck put in and possibly a whole house backup generator. Everything that we need or want done should be completed over the next 6 months but luckily it is all outside or exterior projects.

House Renovation/Remodel Update

I can finally say that all of the interior work to the house has been completed. Approximately 2 weeks ago we had some movers take everything that was in the POD unit and bring it inside. We then had the POD unit removed from our driveway, where it had been for the past 2 months.
Veronica and I have spent the last 2 weeks putting everything away that had been boxed up and stored in the POD unit.
We are just about done with that job and the next step will be hanging various items on the wall along with a few other things to decorate the place and make it feel like a home. As soon as that last step is done I will take a bunch of photos showing the finished product.
 It has been a long, tiring and stressful 6 months to get where we are now. The process is slowly winding down to the point of stamping this project as being completed.
After the interior is completed the outside projects will begin. Those projects include:
A new roof and gutters
Painting the front of the house...the rest is siding
A whole house backup generator
And at some point in time...a new Trex Composite deck
Below are a few photos showing the POD unit being picked up and taken away...we finally got our driveway back.

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