New Car Makes It Home- Almost!!!

This morning Veronica and I went to the car dealership to pick up our new car. We went through the car with a "fine tooth comb". We found a few minor problems inside but a couple of major ones outside. There were several nicks and what appeared to be scratches on the passenger side of the vehicle. Instead of taking the vehicle and having to return on another day to get the problems taken care of, we decided to leave the car there and have them get everything fixed. The guy who sold the car to us will drive our new car over to our place tomorrow afternoon. They gave us a loaner in the meantime. I figured that we weren't going to be inconvenienced with having to drive back and forth to the dealership nor having to sit around the dealership while they are fixing the car. They didn't have the vehicle completely ready for us to pick it up this morning, so they can be the ones who are inconvenienced. Hopefully when the salesman brings it over tomorrow afternoon it will be completely taken care of. If not, we will just hang onto the loaner until the job is done and they get it right.
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