Today Was A Good Day

This morning I received a return call from my Urologists office.
I received some great news....I don't have prostate cancer.
This last several months have been quite the drain on Veronica and I. It seemed like every time we turned around another doctor was telling me that I might have some sort of cancer. This didn't happen with just one doctor but several doctors in several different medical fields.
It turned into one big mind game...I don't know why but for some reason doctors seem to throw these words out there without having any real medical proof that a person actually has this disease. That's what I heard a lot of over the last several might have this or it kind of looks like that...on and on it went. No matter what I want to call it or how I feel about the way the last several months have gone down, the latest news was great and very well received.
Now with that issue out of the way, I will start getting things set up so that I can get some work done on my lower back....which is the real culprit to all of my upper leg, hip and groin pain and problems. Those issues have been going on for about 1 1/2 years now and with my prostate now being cleared of any wrongdoing or involvement in those issues, it is time to move on and address my back problems.
I sure hope my falsely accused and innocent prostate doesn't hold anything against me as far as what it has been recently put through. Sorry there Mr. Prostate. I hope that you will forgive me.
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